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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Creative Cafe Garden

The 3 'Crafts for All' sessions are (weather permitting - touch wood!) envisaged as 'Creative Coffee Garden' times at Gallery Cafe's secluded secret garden:

Since the beginning of the Arts Association this best kept secret of Penicuik has seen creativity of all kinds, and some of it can still be seen today, or again be seen today like the ivy embattled colourful mural here - of unkown long ago origin now cleared by Mary
Mary and Jan exchanging ideas midst coffee guests

or that drumming sessions with Ron as part of a not so long ago  Midsummer party
check it out on you tube
The planned session for July

are envisaged to encourage you to use the garden for co-creative pursuits: come and play, practise, improvised a tune or too, come and help making the garden beautiful whilst we can still!

rescued craft bomb reinstalled after vandals had gone to town over it

now lets gather and dance
watch this space for a last month or two! Lots could be done....esp now the broken and then vanished ivy fence is exposing a ragged space with potential:

Friday, June 21, 2013

the end of "Making Space Penicuik" -> the beginning of "Crafts for All"

Many have enjoyed this wee labour of love, and "Making Space Penicuik" that has been around here now for 3 years.  Hope you enjoy remembering when you read the above document.

And hope you will enjoy the new team emerging now over this summer through the transition into "Crafts for All".
Looking forward to see you being part of the change.....

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Penicuik Craftbomb poem anonymous

Shining a light on the significance of craft and art

A transparent 'craftbombed' tree in Belfast, May 2013
Never has art and craft been more important to be nurtured and to be nurturing us than today. Respecting and caring for what we have - at home and in public spaces - is connected with how we use our hands and our mind as a result of that.

The global and national rise of 'craftbombing' (see slide show page links) is highlighting the irrepressible need of a human being to be creative in a meaningful way as a service to the community. The fact that there are people who willfully destroy what other folks in their community created with endless love and care points even more to the need for true skillfulness and service (= real "work"!) to be given to those destructive hands, within the context of a community that is in response-able touch with each other.

This necessity of being and staying in response-able touch with each other is something that was very alive, as a matter of life and death, in any mining community. Penicuik and environs has a history of the mining loyalty, and it also has army barracks with a community of service men and women. Also in the army that loyalty and interdependence, and dedicated service is what makes people treasure being part of it and makes people wanting to serve with the best of their skilled strength and power.

Ever since mankind walked this earth 'craft' was part of its survival and pride, - and power.  'Craft' as a principle is applicable to every kind of work and 'making things'. Even the breaking down of things. As often the raw materials have to skillfully get broken down and newly assembled with both a sense of ownership and service.

Where wanton destruction happens in a community, especially when it happens on a regular basis, it a sure tell-tale sign that there is urgent need for hard hands on community building. HANDS ON!
an ode to anonymous

In other languages the word for 'craft' is commonly used  in connection with the word 'hand' and 'strength'. And it also implies 'artfulness' and 'texterity', as in fine and precise flexibility and having a bright intuitive mind.

Lets have a look at what we can learn from the  word itself (words are very crafty!) Smiley

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Help! Our Nation has gone bombastic!

Shock! The yarn terror has not ceased yet!

Thanks God :-)


Nationwide craft bombs keep appearing - much evidence below!
here in this photoalbum from our fellow bombers 2013
click on image to open photo album
Nationwide Craftbombs detected!

Or better still watch VIDEO evidence!

http://www.littlehamptongazette.co.uk/news/top-stories/latest/pictures-yarn-bombing-at-knittlehampton-museum-1-5119402 :

Read about the new way to sanity in the National and Local News:

link to the full article

Chic and comfortable - read the full article
of how one A-level lassie here earned herself world wide fame

Not seen enough news yet? There is this photo album collecting some more of the news and social media footages found. Nationwide Craftbombs publicity
click on image for access to album
Nationwide Craftbombs publicity

Well, this YarnBombing is here to stay. Catching the bug and dying to be part of the fun, are you now, dear readers?

There is lots more out there now to show you what craft bombers have done and are doing, like this bunch of knitters - they admit to knit their creations which bombed an underpass in Brixton with the intent that the public can take them away home to keep and to enjoy!

Enjoy watching the videos - the above by the way is part of a play list by the way, taking you round the world to trace the new craze!