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Friday, September 30, 2011

1st October Making Space @ West Street

Caroline Maciver's leaf from last year

Making Space enters it second year, and it starts it at 4-6 West Street, Penicuik, the Arts Centre, room 2 upstairs, tomorrow, 1st October. 11.30 am - 1.30 pm for a public crafting session.

This term we will have 3 public craft sessions, always on the first Saturday of the month. At West Street.

We also meet every Saturday there, to deepen our craft skills and - so we hope - rebuild our numbers, which have dwindled a little over the summer and with life moving some of our regular volunteers on.
The core group of Making Space volunteers wishes to 'make space' for deepeninng our craft skills, and for making things for the forth coming craft fairs - as we always are asked 'do you sell this' and we don't so far!

Please come and join us every week if you would like to build resources, skill wise, products wise, but especially people wise . Get in touch via making_space@talktalk.net or via 07818 061918 if you wish to know more. Or just come along with your project if you like, or come open to see and do what needs doing.

We will miss the friendly faces of the townhall gatherings at the Saturday coffee mornings and the good cakes (hm, no, not really, we might just buy them and bring them over ;-)!
And we hope that we may grow again in strength soon enough to come back to give ourselves and our skills again.
Nature's Frame weaving last year at Penicuik House

We also will do Story Scape every first Friday in the month and are open to the public then in the library at the usual time, 1.30/2 - 3pm. In between we work away on  story scape skills building - come and join up if you like?

Meanwhile: see you tomorrow between 11.30 and 1.30pm: for freeflow autumn felting and weaving!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Making Space at the Penicuik Arts Festival

Shirin from Kyrgystan singing and crafting in the yurt

9 days of full on crafting in the community action during the Penicuik Arts Festival, in townhall, library & arts centre, Penicuik House and our beloved festival yurt: let the photo album tell our story:

Thank you to everyone!

Paul, the Red Kite Yurt builder, telling the story of the Silk road monkey

Friday, September 16, 2011

New Circlings

A new melody is being sung and played in Making Space Penicuik after the Arts Festival now.
So much has happened and updating of websites has fallen by the wayside. But now we can't wait to share with you the sounds and images of the yurt circlings during the festival - the Yurt, the perfect home for Making Space for 8 early autumn days.

Touch wood and you will hear soon more. Meanwhile a wee hint of things to come as of October:

Now, as the nights are drawing in, we also draw in to start gathering round the fire to really make space to make things....
Every first Friday of the month, 1 - 3 pm we will invite you to the library for Story Scape making, and every first Saturday of the month to the Arts Centre from 11.30 a.m. - 1.30 p.m to craft gifts. The library sessions will be free of charge, but material costs apply; the Arts Centre sessions will have a small charge to cover room hire :-)

And for the rest of the month you can request to join us for craft skills and story skills sharing and building.