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Saturday, April 30, 2011

on the last day of April...

It is the last day of a long busy month today - and it is relatively quiet on the crafting stage in the townhall today. The weather is of divine Mayeve heart-melting splendour - so who would not want to be in it outside! We were prepared to do real flower hair wreaths for who so wanted - but folks who came wanted to stay here and play....

Jenny had done a great job in finishing the house in the woods, and Sarah tackled the wolf again, - both versions: the one on four legs and the one in Grannie's bed:
scary, eh?
You want the full picture of what everyone was up to, the six new folks, trying their hands on felting for the first time, and the six 'oldies', encouraging them and each other?
On https://picasaweb.google.com/the.weaver.here/NowInApril# you can have a wee peep from https://picasaweb.google.com/the.weaver.here/NowInApril#5602636342664493794 onwards.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter days with Making Space

the fruits of our labours on Good Friday in the Library
Easter has brought warmth and light and for us two sessions of relaxing Easter feltcraft in the library and the town hall.

On Good Friday there was much commotion in the drum of the Penicuik Library:
Niamh surveying the planting of the trees for Little Red Ridinghood's wood
The story scape making was ably boosted by gardener Angelica making more wooly roots for our tall trees, as well as strengthening what is the stems of the smaller ones with little wooden sticks so they would stay up.

making wooly tree trunks
Meanwhile more families came whose members never had done any felting before, so to try your hand on fabric-ating egg-shapes, chicks and bunnies,as well as toadstools via needlefelting wool proofed the perfect started pack for the new comers.
See more of the fruit of our labours in the first picture collage of this post.

Felt collage in form of 3D playzone found its ideal setting between our tables & prams and the walls and seats in the library-drum as can be seen here:

All folks were coming back the next day to the townhall for our special Easter Saturday session

where wet felting and dry felting was shared. A number of new folks took to it like ducks to water, as usual :-), and the beginners from yesterday were showing quite some skills already:
More Easter egg hunts:
in form of wet felted picture
where are the edible eggs hidden?
one found and one made!

Fore more pictures telling our stories of crafting in the community this weekend, go to pics ca 50-100 on https://picasaweb.google.com/the.weaver.here/NowInApril#
the golden haired princess - doesn't she look like a golden egg ;-)?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Are you making space for Making Space on Easter weekend?

Tomorrow, Friday, 11a.m. - 1p.m. in Penicuik library, more feltscape making for
everyone welcome! More making of trees, flowers, basket contents needed, and interior of Gran's house.

On Saturday in Townhall, 11.30am - 1.30pm, Easter craft felting - come and bring your ideas and resources, or join in with felting eggs and whatever else you can manage.
Have a look here https://picasaweb.google.com/the.weaver.here/EasterFeltCraftIdeasFromWww# for inspiration!

from a lovely "Root Children" blog

Monday, April 18, 2011

story felt scape making stage 2 in library 2mrw

This week:

another chance tomorrow, Tuesday 19th April, to work on the story feltscape between 3pm and 5pm (times are free floating, so send a message if you are in doubt) in the library drum (foyer). Come along to take part in whatever small way :-) fowers - woodland floor - figures...
Then, next session after that: possibly Friday over lunch time.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Saturday at the Arts Centre

This Saturday there was an empty stage in the townhall - well, empty apart from the searching heads of four dinosaurs and Ramona's banner advising whoso wished to know: we are next door at the Arts Centre for 4 hours today! As well as a jumble sale!

Round one small table, we were in the small cosy room #2 with all our felt creatures on display, and with Claire Hewitt singing to us via the CD player, to inspire creativity.
Whether it was the smallness of the room and table, or the fact that we were right in the middle between craft shop and jumble sale in room #1 and offered an intriguing welcoming passage to visitors of both, or whether it was simply because of the people who happened to be here this time  - it can be said it was one of the most 'family-like' settings we have had - apart from the workshop room in Penicuik House  last September. It felt like 'our' space for those few hours, enclosed, yet open.

Old and young were equally represented in having first time encounters with felt creations (see pics #36 - #51  on https://picasaweb.google.com/the.weaver.here/NowInApril# for a closer encounter - and apologies for any creation that escaped before being caught on camera, such as the felt heart!). Then there was the final stages of the handspun and handknitted teddy bear making him a unique Jacobwool wee teddy (thank you Jenny P, also for making bed and blanket for Little Red cap's Grandma!), and Ramona first go at making a doll. She, the golden doll, might become a princess, as she is too big for Little Red-cap - but we will need all kinds of fairy tale dolls, now we are planning 'The Story Store'! The house in the woods is progressing with felt-wool wall cover (thank you Jenny T!), and as it is also bigger than we planned, we will be able to use it for other stories, too.

Further progress on the felt scape was not made on this occasion - as we were too busy either selling jumble or instructing people how to make their own wee felt creations or to have a peek into Bankmill where there was paper making on offer today - but we hope to meet again later this week in the library for working further on the felt story scape. Watch this space, our calendar and facebook page for further updates. Hope to see you there, and get closer to our aim: to create an original felt-story-scape, which can be easily assembled and dissembled for The Story Store, first of Little Red Cap in May in the Library (the launch of 'The Story Store'), and then used for many more tales!

Friday, April 15, 2011

extra long Crafting in the Community session tomorrow

Tomorrow you will find us as part of the fund raising for PCCA attractions. Come along for finding some treasure in the jumble sale as well as the craft shop  - have some nice food n the Art Gallery Cafe enjoying local artists' work - and above all come back upstairs to room 2 to make space for felting for all ages.

The developing of the Little Red-Cap fairy scape had been gathering apace in the library as can be seen in the picture below and this photoalbum here. We will work on it tomorrow, too.

Come and be part of  this slowly and nicely growing art to share and to pool skills and wellbeing time !

Further, between 11pm and 4pm,  you can wander down to the Bankmill project which has Open Day tomorrow, and where you can try paper making!

Refreshments will also be served as usual in the townhall.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Developing Little Red-Cap fairystory-play-scape

Little Red Riding Hood story in felt unfolding

Last Saturday the crafting in the community session was very busy, but no-one had a camera to take photos to post here - but the web master managed to get hold of these two merged into one (see above):
The making of the Little Red-Cap (Red Riding-hood) felt-story-play-scape is now under way as can be seen, and if you are free and fancy tomorrow afternoon - come and join in with the further unfolding tomorrow afternoon in front of the Penicuik Library between 3pmish and 4.30pmish

There will be more impromptu session in the next weeks, so get in touch
(making_space@talktalk.net, or via our facebook page) if you are interested, and we keep you posted, or keep watching out for updates on facebook or blog here.

It is for all age groups, as long as you bring your own entertainment (books, toys) for the very wee ones, who can not join in with the making but only with the playing.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Now in April

Now, in April, we have collected our library display creatures again, and have started heading for a new venture: story telling with felt-scapes. Tony can be seen above assembling some wicker canes into what will be a hut in the woods for our emerging stories, starting with Little Red Riding Hood.

On https://picasaweb.google.com/the.weaver.here/NowInApril# you can see a few more pics of our first session in April last Saturday, with our all display out for once and with some folks doing Mother's day gifts like these: