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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Making Space Banner story

now live as a wee video on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sas4etvD8Uo

So, what's its story?
Well, once the name for your wee venture of creating join-in circles where professional makers inspire folks passing by and popping in, and once I heard that Joan felted her felt pictures often upon old jumpers as a backing, - well, then it was decided:

All-in-one flyer uploaded now

a new all-in-one flyer has been uploaded here, which gives the basic details of the 3 Join-in Circles in the community and of the 2 workshop days in Penicuik House.

No idea where the golden colour of "Fibre to Fabric" title went!
But still: feel free to
Click here to view or download and distribute.
Thank you.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Tomorrow, Saturday, in townhall: Banner launch

Tomorrow, Saturday 31st July, around noon, our banner in the townhall will be launched:
that means the last finishing touches will be applied and it will be tested out.

Come along if you can :-)

Making Space youtube channel

Thought it might be a good idea to introduce to you our wee youtube channel that has now started at http://www.youtube.com/user/MakingSpacePenicuik

That first wee video up there right now, from the first couple of stages of the banner making, had been sitting in the left panel of this blog - but then youtube hogged it with their lists of unrelated clips, so, sadly, we had to remove it.

To view it now, click on link above or here.

Lee Fitton: magnificent felt artist exhibits in Penicuik

she writes about herself:
LEE FITTON Lee is a textile artist living and working in Edinburgh. She originally studied art and
ceramics at Croydon College of Art and Kingston Polytechnic. She is a member of ‘Edge’ Textile Artists in Scotland, and has exhibited widely in Scotland and the North of England. She is currently concentrating her work on children’s book illustration. “‘Since discovering the ancient art of feltmaking, I have been converted to the use of unspun wool as a raw material. I attempt to capture the essence of a subject, emphasising depth and form through the use of colour and texture” The feltmaking process consists of a combination of layering, heating, wetting, rolling and pressing the unspun wool by hand to produce a piece of fabric. At the dry stage, the minute fibres are manipulated to create images using a felting needle. Areas of colour and softly textured fibres are blended to convey an impressionistic and contemporary feel to the work.
 the full exhibit can be viewed as slide show here still

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Join-in Circles in the Community start on 24th August

The first of the join-in in the community Making Space Circles will take place in the Ladywood Leisure Centre

on Tuesday 24th August, from 4.30 - 6.30 pm

Our special demonstration will be 'Making a felt vessel round a balloon' and will be done by Helen O'Brian.

Then there will be ...
should I tell you really? :wink:
Well, tell you what:
why, don't you let us know, if you like to come, and what wee fibre fun project you might like to try out?
Either email us making_space @ talktalk. net , or drop us a note at Ladywood Centre?

Two further Join-in Circles look confirmed now, too:
both at the Penicuik Centre, Leisure and Library
  • Thursday, 26h August, 2pm - 4pm
  • Tuesday, 31st August, 4.30pm -6.30 pm

Please pass the word! Thank you!

Welcome to our new blog!

We finally made it:
the making of our "Making Space" Banner is almost complete,
the booking of our Join-in Community Making Space Circles is almost complete,
the setting up of the Pencicuik House "From Fibre to Fabric" workshops is as good as done,
and the setting up of this blog is done!

Please go to the pages on the right to learn more about the join-in circles and workshops -

and keep coming back here to see who what where when and how....