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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hushed Preparations...

shhh   -    someone is making something for story scape!

Looks like lots going on behind the scenes in preparation for the last story scape session (Friday 2nd Dec)...

and someone (you know who? ;-) is progressing nicely with the crib figures and other secret things for the sale on the Penicuik Community Council Christmas fayre on Saturday the 10th December (townhall).
and someone else has spent here a couple of hours making flat felt from scratch for ...
oops, been told to hush up - something to do with making Christmas decorations from them...

and on that theme of making things as gifts
I believe young Heather's Santa and his wee furry friends are gifts for someone..???


what are you making in your hushed preparations this time?

The possibilities are so endless with magic wool here --- and it is all biodegradable! No burdening the earth with more fancy wrappings and plastic chunk! But fluffy things made with love for our loved ones!

hush - no rush.... but do get on with it :-)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Full of angels

one of the many magical angels made today
We were very happy to be back in townhall today as part of the annual craft fair, and to have Laryna as guest craft teacher. Her instructions as to how make beautiful wool angels and fairies were enthusiastically received, and many a beauty winged its way home in little hands.

See more of or Making Space team on stage by clicking on picture below:
check out all pics in album: #94 - #129

PCAA Craft Fair 2011

Sheena's popular knits
Some great crafters are about in and around Penicuik! To be in a hall full of them, and their precious and curious pieces made of everything under the sun - it just makes you feel good about being alive!
(Not too mention the cakes in the cafe!)

The best way to catch the feeling is of course by simply having been there. But you might just like to visit or revisit the day by browsing through the photoalbum

Enjoy the sight, and let us know (using the comment section here or PCAA facebook if you have bought anything here that brought you or your friends and family that joy and satisfaction that only hand made things can bring.

Annemarie and her handdyed yarns next to the fine scented herbalist stall

Friday, November 11, 2011

Krgyz style Nuno Felting

Softest white silk, and delicate wisps of merino wool, diligent soft and firmly worked into silk, only to be wildly thrown onto the table in a bundle!
Shirin and Jenni making the first cut in the ream of the silk from the orient

See for yourself in the photoalbum from picture 48 until picture 93 how the different stages unfolded.

A very big thanks to Shirin for taking us as guinea pigs to practise her facilitation skills on! It is a huge challenge to handle all the practicalities from bubble wrap buying and later drying out again, from transporting the silk from Usbekistan (thanks, Matthew!) to washing the towels, and it is so much more fun to tackle it as a group in a firelit cosy room.
Even when one runs over time but luckily can evacuate the stragglers into the smaller room #2 for the final  touches:
When the silk is dry, we still need to hunt down one or the other lady to let us take a picture of her in her new shawl!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Coming Together!

It must have been the tiger who called them in!
6 + 2 tables today room 1 in West Street were overflowing with crafting activities and of old friends and guests!  Dry felting and wet felting, intro and advanced, and play scape all going on at once....

wet felting
So very new again and again: the magic of painting with wool.

And the creatures and other emerging people for the season to come.

 There has been lots going on today in this big room you love to see..

Krygyz Nuno Felting and Angel/fairy creating

check out more on Laryna's work here http://creativefibercraftbylaryna.blogspot.com/ and also search for her and Shirin in our blog. We are so thrilled to have them both back next week!