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About Making Space @ Penicuik

In February 2013
exists in Penicuik for almost 2 1/2 years!
We hope you enjoy our blog and give us some feedback?

Making Space Penicuik would like to encourage people of all ages and stages to skill share crafts, for the moment especially fibre crafts, creating a pool of resourceful people who are free to facilitate "Crafting in the community" projects.
"Crafting in the community" for us means to be at our own leisure and pleasure in public places in Penicuik, engaging ourselves and others in crafts we love to learn and practise.

If so asked, Making Space Penicuik would like to help filling a gap in the curriculum of craft education, and would welcome to contribute its skills and knowledge base to the curriculum of excellence, as well as our peer2peer pooling we are developing at present.

Making Space Penicuik above all would like to fill a gap in the community of access to free crafting one that can include intergenerational learning and practising of traditional crafts in our times, and one that cares for and takes inspiration of nature and soul.


Penicuik has a wealth of Makers in its midst. All the known and unknown crafts people of course living here, but also YOU!
In each and everyone beats the heart of a Maker, waiting for the moment to come out and shine, even if it is just for a moment.

Feeling inspired by the beauty and other fabulous properties of natural materials is something children of all ages, and the child in every adult relishes in.

During the Penicuik Arts Festival 2010 we started this wee initiative "Making Space Penicuik" by creating 3 Join-in-Circles in the community where local crafters, or 'Makers' demonstrated their craft and the public had the opportunity to have little 'tasters' of making little things out of wool. Then there were those lovely 2 workshop days at Penicuik House, where the sun shone, in nature (naturally, as we were all so appreciative of the gifts of nature! ;-) and in people's eyes (also naturally, as the creative maker in each one got unlocked! ): the Felt making intensive workshop day and the Family Fibrecraft Fun day.

All events were free, due to the generosity and passion of the Makers and the Scottish Lime Centre (Penicuik House Project, bringing traditional crafts to the people).

The feedback of the people was so very positive:
"That it is so simple and such fun I never thought" - " We can get together and skill share and have more of that fabulous fibre fun!"

and we are now (Mid-September 2010) starting to test our shared enthusiasm for learning and practising craft, especially fibre craft, together in the community:

Regular free "Crafting in the Community" sessions had started on Saturday the 18th September from 11.30- 1.30 in the Penicuik Townhall during the Open House coffee mornings there where also homemade soup and cake awaits you as well as various exhibitions.

We had started with pegloom weaving, because there were quite a number of people who said they had a peg loom but were not sure what to do with it ...

We are hoping that by and by you, you budding makers and you profi makers, will find out about this exciting opportunity in Penicuik to generate genuine wealth in our midst:
Learn and share what you learned, sharing resources response-ably.

And gathering in the community, in different places and for different activities, inspiring each other
to transform fibres into fabric...
The lustre and colours of wool fibres have proven to be especially verdant for the fire of creativity, but we are open to expand the range of crafts in the future, if someone is contributing their maker's gifts.

March 2011:

A lot has happened since last August and autumn - if you like to catch up at a glance, try viewing our photoalbums https://picasaweb.google.com/the.weaver.here and/or go through the labels on the right side of the blog.
If you become a follower of our blog you will be quickly updated, or if you 'like' us on facebook.

Above all, we would be interested to hear from you and - see you join in?


What happened so far in 2012?
 As last year we were head over heals involved again in the Arts Festival, PDAF 2012, and what you see here is only part of it - as the rest is hiding behind the scenes and setting them scenes of the show! Check for photo albums of the overall PDAF action here https://www.facebook.com/PCAAWestSt/photos_albums and for the feats and treats of Making Space here: https://picasaweb.google.com/117445521233701725799/FestivalFibresPDAF2012 
This was our third Arts Festival, and we have now entered our third year of crafting in the community existence in Penicuik, and also wider afield.

This year we had less volunteers than the year before (basically it is 2 of us with 2-3 extras floating in and out when their life allows them), but we managed to maintain our regular stints in the Townhall Saturday Coffee Mornings, as well some craft fairs and outreach projects (local school).

There is not enough time or IT connected manpower right now to keep this blog updated as we would wish, but we post notifications and photos up here more regularily:  https://www.facebook.com/MakingSpacePenicuik
You can view our page, even if you are not signed u to FB !! 
And you can, if your signed into FB, like us to leave comments and get updates.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any wishes or feedbacks - and if you love to contribute your time and skills?

Meet Niamh and the pink dino (made by dino whizz Sarah!)
 Other updates:
check the blog archive via links on right side bar!
for the autumn 2012 Cool Cats Story board sessions...
and for the 2013 program .....

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