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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Family Fibre Craft Fun day at Penicuik House Programme

Please click here to see the programme for this Saturday, the family day.

Our second Join-in Circle in the leisure centre library

Today Joan came to share her needle felting with all. As we had more kids wanting to be hands on we started focussed on broach making, and diamond weaving.

Marjorie's cute handfelted little teddy bears reside right now in the Libary cabinet
But as Marjorie's teddies commanded the scene today, needlessly to say there was demand in making bears! Also needlessly to say, they require more time than we had, but we made a start with it. Hopefullly it can be completed on Saturday at Penicuik House Open day...

See you there!
oops, that diamod just swung round, and its front is facing to the door ;-)
Well done everyone, for coming to demontrate and to make. More photos of this and the previous 2 events are here.

We are now planning to meet over the winter once or twice a month at noon on Saturday's around noon in the townhall. Joan and a friend of hers want to learn spinning from Majorie, for instance!

Rainbow leaf broach

Monday, August 30, 2010

Dunbar knitting and weaving the harbour soaring success

Dunbar's vibrant Arts Trust co-ordinated what looks the most sucessful arts and fibre craft event of the Lothians ever!
It is so wonderfully encouraging to see a diverse community work, weave and knit all together to create an exciting time where makers reconnect us in very modern ways with ancient crafts.
If you want to see and hear more about this fabulous community making and celebrating fun, check their facebook site.

Nature's moving

Come for a walk with your friends and family
four footed
two legged
winged and all
and join in with creative seeing and making

Want to know more about workshops in that special nature's setting?
for the forthcoming events on Friday 3rd September (felt making workshop, 10am-5pm)
and the Family fun day, Saturday 4th Sept.  
(free craft sessions every hour)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Arts festival Streetfair Today

Tussay Silk scarf, handwoven by Christiine Sutar
Some glimpses of the Arts Festival's streetfair and artisans' studios' open day as part of the festival day:
please click here

Friday, August 27, 2010

being motivated

Two folks were being motivated by yesterday's Join-in Circle and made a Making Space for themselves:

autumn felt belt in process...
autumn felt belt drying out on the washing line

pink angel in the making

blue angel flyng free

You can make these things, too: at the Penicuik House workshops next weekend

Join-in Circles @ Penicuik Leisure Centre 26th August

Today we gathered at the Penicuik Leisure Centre Library for more fibre fun. Caroline had requested we make packs of little magic wool ready to sell for felt picture making, as people might be less shy to get themselves equipped that way. What a fabulous idea! And she brought her friend Katie as she was so touched by the touch of wool and coloured fibres, and she was able to teach her friend to make needle felted pictures, too....

Helen had her high speed scates on doing her felted vessel making demonstration of a white and blue felt vessel! Marjorie's spinnng fascinated young and old, and a little girl with her mother made a bracelet out of pink handspun wool. And Jenny from Penicuik library, who already needlefelts, learned how to make a soft flat flat piece. Wonder what she will transform it to!

We hope that the join-in demonstration today encouraged folks from in and around Penicuik  to take part in the Penicuik House workshops next Friday and Saturday. Just a lovely athmosphere a space for making can create, and making (being a 'maker') is very contagious!

For more pictures go to our album

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Helens finshed felted vessel


ILA approved Felt Making Workshop next Friday Penicuik House

In case you have got one of the flyers which has the ILA logo missing as wellas to alert you in text to the fact that you can use your ILA account.

So please check that you are ILA eligible, if you love the gifts that workshop will leave you with, but think you can not afford it.

You could make one of these: seamless felted little bag with pure Jamiesons of Shetland wool

Join-in Circle video uploaded!

Go on - take 3 minutes and watch us here

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Join-in Circles @ Ladywood Leisure Centre 24th August

see more pictures here
The join-in fibre craft Circles started today in Ladywood leisure Centre as a wee heartwarming fibrecraft fun gathering.
The athmosphere created by the Penicuik Makers demonstrating their craft, the rich display of fibrecraft goodies in all stages of the process (courtesy of Galgael), the joy and wonder of folks who touched pure raw fibre for the first time in their lives, made for a inspiring start.
It was unanimously felt that the community building potential of this warm and easy creative activity was a superb opportunity to relax together, learn simple yet amzing skills and make easily lovely little gifts with very little material cost. The beauty of the raw fibres, be it the ever so soft home grown raw wool from Marjorie's Jacob sheep, or the smooth shimmering textures of the other fibres.

What Caroline created inspired by Joan

Such as Pats God's eye out of handspun coloured wool.

We all felt: this simple way of creating community needs to made space for!
Lets have more it, not just during a festival ;-)!

It is simply amazing what one can do even if one has thought one had no artistic or creative vein! Joan shared how she found the technique www.online 3 months ago, and we were all dumbfounded at how prolific creative she was with it since. The fine structure of fibre certainly lends itself perfectly of capturing the fibres of nature in landscape picture.

Joan has open house on this Saturday afternoon, come and see more of her creations.

FAB FIBRE GALORE: Great Range of Fibre Craft Raw Materials: FOR SALE

 A call to all ye Makers, Artisans, 
mothers, teachers and carers:

Whilst the wealth of much of woolcraft @galgaels treasure resides in Penicuik for the next 12 days, do not miss the opportunity to buy all kinds of raw fibres and prefelt fabric for your present and future creativities. 

As you may already know or will see: you need very little fibre and very little initial skill to create the most endearing heart warming gifts and decorations!

Treasures include:
raw wool fibres from different sheep breeds and Alpaca, other raw fibre, such a soya protein and silk, hand made and industrially made prefelts, handspun knitting yarns, weaving yarns, and a small selection of tools such as felting and weaving sticks, felting needles, felting netting, etc.
most of it by donation; the more precious stuff at whole sale prizes

Either contact Ruth on 07818 061918, or come to one of the  join-in circles
Tuesday, 24th, 4.30 - 6.30 pm
Thursday, 26th, 2-4pm, & Tuesday 31st, 4.30 - 630pm, both at the Library

or, next week, take a stroll down to one or more of the Penicuik House workshops
Friday, 3rd Sept, 10am - 5pm: Felt making course
Saturday, 4th, 10am - 5pm: 6 hourly sessions of fibre craft fun for all the family

come and see
come and make

Monday, August 23, 2010

felting paths and possibilities

The Maker page is updated

The page called "The Makers here" has been  updated.

Visit there for more info on the people involved with Making Space Penicuik 2010.

Maybe you will be appearing there soon, too ;-)?!
As will Christmas ;-)
needle felted star (made by Laryna)

felt butterfly mobile (made by Laryna)
Mother Holle and Snowman, wee wollen dolls (made by Laryna)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

FROM FIBRE TO FABRIC display at Library Cabinet

It took longer than we had wished to set up the "From Fibre to Fabric" display at the library. Partly because when we were gathered we could not finish it due to the faulty lock, and then when the lock was fixed on Friday, illness prevented Anneruth to apply the final touches. But they are now done. The display is different from what originally planned because on Thursday we had to change setup to take a broken lock into account, and we gave extra space to non-wool fibres. The educational material to be written for those then became a new added dimension of the display.

If you want to have a look at what might be a dynamic, that is ever changing display, go here.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Proof that we have tried to set up display at Library Cabinet :-\

snapshot of the different shelves as we plan to set them up to tell the story of transformation from fibre to fabric

Here is some proof, photos Amber took on Monday, that we have tried there to set up display in the lovely cabinet at the library! But, as reported then already, the Council maintenance team has not reached the cabinet yet, and it is not safe to use. And we are waiting still...............

2 of the 4 shelves are to display the stages from fibre to woven or knitted fabric via spun thread, and the other 2 are to show the transformation from fibre to felt fabric.

Amber's lovely rainbow fibre circle

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

City Stitchers exhibition

Meanwhile, whilst our wee exhibition is held up in Penicuik, there is a great exhibition in Edinburgh, in Greyfriars, which is a must to see for every fibre craft artist and lover. Very inspiring!

The exhibition includes all kinds of fibre craft art, mixed media, and lots of felting. Click on the above picture to see an album full of examples from the exhibition.

It is open till the beginning of September, check here for more details.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Glitches at setting up the display cabinet at the library

Ah for the love of it...

glitches at the Penicuik Library Cabinet:
our "From Fibre to Fabric" exhibition was ready, and came with 4 volunteers to set it up on Monday, 10th August, as scheduled to the Library - but alas: the cabinets are still not fixed!

At least we were able to spend some time sorting out where we will put what and how.
And now we are phoning the library every day waiting for the moment to arrive when the cabinets are fixed
So here are our wools and tools displays treasures
stashed away again and simply waiting for the Council to fix the cabinet!