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Sunday, March 27, 2011

some more end of March-ing sessions


ready for the dance?

March has marched in and out as quick as spring itself (oops, nay spring itself around us has not walked out yet!), and school fayres and flu battles have kept numbers low the last two Saturday sessions of March in the Town hall but that allowed some folks to perfect their making skills as can be seen above and below.
make yourself pretty for the party!
  The spring quarter a Stepping Forward has been having a party we are told: first the spring felt pieces went up on the wheel as you can see - with the rainbow cloth sewn up now.... and then it went up the wall in the hall (has anyone got a picture of that?) for their centre launch event.

Well, it was fun! And has inspired lots of folks there and also through Jenny in the army base to explore the rewarding art of fibre craft a bit!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

busy bees

At last: managed to catch a few birds on the wing!

Many new folks here yesterday! A few pics only were made. Coming up soon!

Meanwhile: Here is a wee video, uploaded on our face book page.
It is public, so do visit us there. And if you are on FB: why not 'like' us?

Click here for to go to site with Busy Bee Video.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

This Saturday's Scotsman is making space for MSP (= Making Space Penicuik)

a picture of the article -  to read it in full click here or below
Making Space made it into a national paper, and not just a small corner blurb somewhere, but as the best part of a whole page of the family section of this Saturday's Scotsman magazine (click here to read in full)! Thank you, Cat!

Yes, we love to think that all the family of our fans and guests and co-creatives get inspired to try their hands on some crafty ideas, sharing and spreading the community spirit,  beating the recession blues, and make good and beautiful things which are no burden but pleasure and treasure for the earth.

2 things for all who come now checking our blog out as a result of this article:
  • the crafting in the community sessions are from 11.30 am to 1.30pm - not to just 1pm as article says; albeit if you only come at one pm you might not have time to dig your hands in properly.
  • to check on a Friday what's on a Saturday you better check on facebook rather than on the blog as we update nowadays rather the FB site on a Friday eve; our FB page is public (just click here to access it).

Monday, March 14, 2011

recommended viewing: this needlefelting blog

Needle felting for the rest of us!


This is a blog about needle felting. Here you can find theme articles, tutorials, galleries, links and more.

Great Blog! An absolute MUST for all who have fallen prey to our recent sway of needlefelting madness!

Thanks, Mary Paxton!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

lots of snow outside and lots of folks inside!

Today we nearly cancelled because Penicuik was wrapped in thick snow and slush again, but never ever were we busy as today folks of all ages (from 3 to 80?) kept flooding in filling the tables on stage and below again and again, waiting patiently for their turn in wet or / and dry felting.

Birds and blossoms were the original theme which got widely expanded upon - and on our March-ing into Spring album (click here)  from picture 40 - 70 you can see some of the multitudes that sprouted and sprung up from under furiously busy hands - apart from the birds... somehow they managed to soar off (as birds do) before the camera can click. Anyway, Anneruth has no idea how she managed to take any photos at all, as she seem to sprout eight hands to keep afloat in the crowd! Luckily the core vision of Making Space Penicuik keeps us all alfloat: everybody shares a skill - even if s/he has only just started to learn it - and everybody mucks in to set up and to tidy up...:-)

So, are you ready to be part of our pool or peers of all ages and stages?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

March-ing into Spring

The march of the penguins earlier this year has transformed into moments of March as spring comes slowly into Making Space Penicuik. Four children had their first wet felting experience (see below) and made 4 lovely 4 seasons pictures (see above): winter, spring and autumn, and summer, taking their colour guidance from the wheel of the seasons.

It was very busy today with more and more folks coming at the end of the session, but everyone got fitted in and came away a few felted flowers or bees...

flower power!

And these two amazing birds were kindly made for our evolving spring display for next week (you will see what I mean :-)
Looking forward to see then whether the others manifested the same idea: hanging their beauties off spring branches!