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From Fibre to Fabric

tame lamb on Penicuik House estate
Alpaca fibre as it grows and shows lustre and crimp
Long staple white wool fibre from a Blue Faced Leister breed sheep

This page will be developed as an educational learning tool for the wonders of natural fibre, in particular wool, that unique fibre, forever new since antiquity. And especially modern today.

This page and linked resources will go hand in hand with a display in the display cabinet in front of the Library. Now live here.

merino fibre

Finest merino wool fibre. Typical wool fibre. Fibre of wool from Chinese sheep.
Watch this space!

From Fibre to Fabric.............

Above the micro structure of a wool fibre..
Below - and much further down the line of the transformation of fibre to thread, and in this case done by machine, the making of a warp for handweaving a shawl or piece of fabric.

wrap strands in the sun
warp in process plus finished handwoven goods
4 stages of a shawl: single yarn, plied yarn, warp chain, fully fulled fabric
Do YOU know all the other stages of the processes?

Watch this space!

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