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Friday, June 3, 2011

New Song for a Wedding Party at Story Scape Hour

All sit poised as Ramona, accompanied nicely by Ashley on the recorder, gets us ready for yet another boat trip: to the wedding of the Owl and the Pussy cat.

Then the pea green boat, guided ably by Holly, sways over the rearranged sea scape
guess who  made pea green boat and curly-tail-nose-ring (the piggy)?
to land there where the Bong Tree grows, near the piggy with the ring in his nose
which (the piggy) was also in high demand in the interactive story creating bit:

which was about getting the wedding gifts and party organised and staged,

and defended against gate crushing intruders
and - needless to say - rescued - this time by a brave penguin!

Phew, what adventures!

Oh, and now it is already time to pack up and go  home again -

But not before everybody was nicely dreaming again listening to Anneruth telling the said beautiful birthday-time-story of "Little Angel".

See you in two weeks?

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