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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

practising for this week's Story Scape

see more pics of this Story Scape practise session: pics # 108 -118
This Friday (15th July) will be our second last summer Story Scape session in the library. Don't miss it! Jenny and Tina are working hard in preparing it, and we are hoping that this week's stories will delight many of you.
So come along....
sing along

Oh, you want to know what the stories going to be? Ah!  Well....
See that red haired little girl in front of the house?
Yes, it's Katie Morag again, with her poor old one-eyed teddy, whom she puts through a rough ordeal. But why? And will he survive?

Come and see and hear, as we work and play together bringing tangible warmth and colour to a favourite story.
There will also be another story Jenny and Tina are preparing for Story Scape this week, but maybe we keep you wondering? Come and see! 2 -3pm in the Penicuik Library.

And ! There just might be Anneruth starting to tell you a little bit about Magnus Fin, the forth coming hero of our September Festival Story Scape, for which we are preparing during August. If you are interested to help shaping this venture, please get in touch. 07818 061918

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