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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gathering in

Gnomie family in their new autumn into winter shelter at All Hallows Eve

It has been a time of 'gathering in' this autumn, and preparing for winter.
Our lives seem to get ever more hectic around us, but there is a stillness and softness in the air everywhere, and the golden glow of autumn...

carding and blending wool

We are using up our remnant wools and see what magical colours they turn in when blend together.
And try to work out what it could be that blend wants to turn into... ?

snow upon autumn fields...

Old friends came again this Saturday - which was fabulous!
See more on photoalbum here.

Earlier this month Jen was enjoying herself gloriously: teaching wet felting to a class of eager primary 1s and 2s kids and their teachers. It is just so amazing what wool can do to folks of all ages: brings out the glow!
(sorry no pics from that event, being a school event.)

And here is one very happy girl who got lucky: the braid she had started weaving on the inkle loom during the festival was given to her - secretly being completed by Christina, the weaver

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