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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hushed Preparations...

shhh   -    someone is making something for story scape!

Looks like lots going on behind the scenes in preparation for the last story scape session (Friday 2nd Dec)...

and someone (you know who? ;-) is progressing nicely with the crib figures and other secret things for the sale on the Penicuik Community Council Christmas fayre on Saturday the 10th December (townhall).
and someone else has spent here a couple of hours making flat felt from scratch for ...
oops, been told to hush up - something to do with making Christmas decorations from them...

and on that theme of making things as gifts
I believe young Heather's Santa and his wee furry friends are gifts for someone..???


what are you making in your hushed preparations this time?

The possibilities are so endless with magic wool here --- and it is all biodegradable! No burdening the earth with more fancy wrappings and plastic chunk! But fluffy things made with love for our loved ones!

hush - no rush.... but do get on with it :-)

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