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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Felting to Music at Loanhead Music Festival

This was just soo good: Live music accompanying the felt and fibre craft enthusiasts!

Great to meet so many nice people, making music instruments and fine crafts, and above all making music, all together in a big but cosy hall (Loanhead Miners). This family Saturday event was part of the Loanhead Music Festival (http://www.loanheadfest.co.uk/ ) and really deserves a huge round of applause! Reminded me of the Shetland Music Festival in spirit somehow. 

The fact that the parents came for to chill out with the music allowed a few very lucky youngsters to have a splendid extra long crafting session, felting in tune: butterflies, rainbows, ladybirds, mice, - hm...  what else? Some butterflies ended up in hairbands, as it is very popular. And some of our beloved story space creatures, the fox, the tiger and the owl, walked and flew off with their very chaffed new owners to our tearful but gracious goodbyes....!

You will find some last evidence pf their existence in our Making Space menagerie here on this photo album https://picasaweb.google.com/117445521233701725799/AtLoanheadMusicFestival

Ania started practising for our coming Saturday's session, back in Penicuik townhall: weaving "God's Eyes", a beautiful simple and versatile little charm, known all over the world - from Mexico, USA, Great Britain to Russia:

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