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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Festival fibre of wool, - and of poets and music!

has had some great moments this PDAF 2012!

The best way to view and to re-member them is via our Facebook photoalbum which you can see even if you are not signed up for Facebook by going to this page here:

PDAF 2012 on the roll now!

 just click on line above and then you will see something like this:

By then clicking on the individual picture - this picture opens up larger and also reveal a line or two about the story connected with the picture

 and, like in the case with the picture above, it might even have a wee conversation on it, and give witness to what we might be up to in the autumn now next!

Hope you enjoy browsing and letting us know what you think?

You can reach us here, or via Facebook or via popping in to see us today in the library, drop in firbecraft between 3 and 5pm, or in town hall on Saturday, with Pictish Stone painting at the craft fair there. We love to see you and hear what you recommend and are enthused by.

What has been so far the most precious moments was when we see how creating pictures with wool fibre lightens up the soul and fires the imagination of folks of any ages. - from under 3yrs of age to above 80yrs of age!

We would also love it if you would take some time and watch this wee video from last week's Writing Space event, Inspired by Art, where we mainly filmed clips of the music. We hope you will be blown away too by the skill and zest of the young people:

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