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Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Cool Cats": 6 Felt-Story-Board Making sessions

As the night draws in early, come on in and gather round the fire in West Street, to listen to Mary's poems and stories of Minx the cat, and then listen to each other's catty tails, and turn them into your very own story board: one that is, like your characters, handmade out of felt!

Please book your place now, as places are limited.
It could be possible for children to attend part of the course, if attendance can be balanced with other participants and if everybody can make it for the final session, which will include a sharing of all the work!
From a Gruffalo Felt-Storyboard session in a Nursery, some time ago
In the Cool Cat story board sessions we will start the background image or your choice with needefelting upon a blanket for firmness, and then leave you to decide whether you wish to proceed with wetfelting for smoothing the surface or leave it fluffy.

Small pieces of flat-felt figures will be created as the 'actors' or 'special scenery' for your story board to be moved abut as you tell your story.

Handmade felted story-boards are unique and alive. The vibrancy of the coloured wool fibre enhances the imagination, and the living touch of the breathing fibre stimulates the senses. It is both therapeutic and educational, and it has unlimited potential for all ages to develop it to your heart's content!
the beginning of a story board by a 7yr old - during the arts festival this year

The difference between 'story-board' and 'story-scape' is that the former is held up or stood up vertically, like a framed picture, and the light weight flat felt figures or special details get stick-stuc on it to create the specific scene. Whilst a 'story-scape' lies horizontally like a landscape, and is often also called 'play-mat'.  3D figures and objects (felted or non-felted) can be moved about on it.
You will have seen our storyscape adventures over the last year, won't you?
(if not, or to remind yourself - just do a search on this blog)

Being creative with felt for story board and storyscape creation is taking hold around the world these days. 
Be story board inspired by following the links under these 2 pictures:
A beautifully nuanced felt tree with story pocket 
more story pockets on this magic mushroom house mat

What Making Space Penicuik prides itself with:
we, the self organising volunteers, work on this simple principle: we give our gifts, that is our time, our skills,  to you,
and you, who are the reason that we have fun, give us what we need: material and venue costs, and your enthusiasm and creative input.

We would love it if more and more people would get self-organising on that simple principle of skill sharing & developing, in creative abundance. For and with all ages!

We are in a mutually supportive relationship with 2 local organisations, the Penicuik Community Arts Association, and the Penicuik Community Development Trust.

The Cool Cats Story-Board sessions are brought to you by local artists, crafters and writers Mary Sinton and Jenni Thomson, plus an occasional input of Ruth, another story-weaver.
They are looking forward to hear and see your very own heart-felt catty tails!

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