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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Celebrating our Cool Cats sessions

Big thanks to everyone, mothers and grans, sisters and brothers, and esp to the kids who came, explored, created and stored our stories.

We had a lovely Celebration with sharing lots! Such as Ruth telling us the real story of St Nicolas! 
See above.

And here to the right see Mary telling her story of how her by us all now so well known and loved cat Minxy and with wee Niamh making sure everybody got their treats!

 You can read and download the full story of Mary's here:

Homebaked goodies and candle lit memories will be still nourishing us for months to come.

We, the  Making Space volunteers, together with you all, really appreciated your feedback which assured us that all hard work and hustle bustle madness, interspersed with real still magic moments, too, was well worth it and that we will get our heads and hands together in the new year to devise a new series of after school sessions to delight us all, big and small.

In the evaluation: You told us that above all you love story!
That you took things away with you to explore at home (and many a kid shy in the sessions has been heard secretly telling stories to their friends, and playing with their story board scenes at home).
You told us you found making the characters a bit tricky, and easier to make the scenes.
And you told us you like to explore different crafty mediums!

Well for the latter - we felt mad hatters, you gave us a challenge to chew over!
Watch this space!

Now to see glimpses of the whole 6 weeks, which actually become seven weeks, why not take some time to enjoy the slide show below,(or see them in the album here) remembering the moments and different stages
well done everyone! :

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