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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lets put Penicuik on the Map this May!

download pdf file of our poster here
Lets put Penicuik on the map this May!
YOUR chance to promote your local group, or to join in with us at PCAA, or to simply do your own wee thing and then join up with us on the 10th of May, craft bombing Penicuik!

This year’s Voluntary Arts Week takes place from 11 – 19 May, and we’re planning to join in with Voluntary Arts' most ambitious craft project ever!

If you’re a knitter, crocheter, stitcher, quilter, weaver, embroiderer – whatever your craftform – we loves us all, locals and expats and friends far and wide, to get involved in Penicuik in the Voluntary Arts Week CraftBomb. We are part of the calling on all crafters to help turn public spaces across the UK and Republic of Ireland into a riot of colour and creativity to celebrate the first day of Voluntary Arts week.

Lets do it here, shall we?
Lets bring a cosy crafty colour bomb of peace to Penicuik, maybe a bit like here: ?

visit some peace firing friends across the ocean

or here
at some secret location
Whether you just want to contribute a small wee flower or ribbon, or whether you want to give a coat or cover to something big or even huge... we do hope you make space for making it, and for connecting with us, so we don't all have the same idea for the same object - but spread our blessings wisely and widely - so we can be sure we all are proud to have put Penicuik on the map.

See here for when the first local group (us Making Space!) to participate has got organised so far to have drop in sessions open to the public.

Join the new facebook group "Craftbombing Penicuik" and invite your crafty firiends to join in, exchange ideas and patterns, and have an online blether.

Tell your nans and grans overseas that it is her chance to chip in with a few homemade pieces for to be let loose on Penicuiks lampposts etc...!

Check out our emerging photo album with pictures collected from the www to inspire vision and ideas.

Here are a few questions answered we have had in the last couple of days when we started to spread the word (equipped with laptop/ipad to share images of how folks do it all over the world, as one can simply not talk about craftbombing - it has to be seen and felt!)

  • What happens when the wind and rain tears things to pieces?
  • It will only be up for one week in May - we hope the weather will be kind to it then!
  • What happens to all the stuff afterwards?
  • some of it can be recycled (after it is maybe washed) and some might have to be binned
  • isn't that a waste filling up the landfill site?
  • well, many arts costumes end up this way, and in the end, if it has brought joy to the maker and the public - it will have been worth it! Recycling would be best, thogh, of course and using recyclable materials. 
  • How will we be known all over the UK and further afield?
  • The Voluntary Arts website http://www.voluntaryartsweek.org/  will promote us, and the PCAA will ensure we are updating there... and anyone here in Penicuik should spread the word through their networks - it is your chance to promote yourself! 

  • How about some nice themes for the craft pieces then?
  • Jolly good idea! Lets do it! History? Natural Scotland (this years tourism theme!)? What do you think?

Think you have no skill? No way!
Come on:
There is something to do for ALL Ages and ALL stages!
Organise your own meet ups or join us:
Ø  weekly drop in at the West Street Arts Centre

Room 1, Thursdays, 4pm - 5.30pm

Ø  some Saturdays from 11.30 am - 1.30pm
30th March, West St Arts Centre
Ø  6th & 27th April + 4th May in the Townhall

Ask us questions, share your ideas, get hands on, and spread the word also with this: we need YOUR help!
Just IMAGINE what it would look and feel like if every lamp post from Tesco to Esk Bridge was dressed up like this

Well, I know, quite unlikely for this year, eh?
But how about something modest like this then?

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