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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Creative Cafe Garden

The 3 'Crafts for All' sessions are (weather permitting - touch wood!) envisaged as 'Creative Coffee Garden' times at Gallery Cafe's secluded secret garden:

Since the beginning of the Arts Association this best kept secret of Penicuik has seen creativity of all kinds, and some of it can still be seen today, or again be seen today like the ivy embattled colourful mural here - of unkown long ago origin now cleared by Mary
Mary and Jan exchanging ideas midst coffee guests

or that drumming sessions with Ron as part of a not so long ago  Midsummer party
check it out on you tube
The planned session for July

are envisaged to encourage you to use the garden for co-creative pursuits: come and play, practise, improvised a tune or too, come and help making the garden beautiful whilst we can still!

rescued craft bomb reinstalled after vandals had gone to town over it

now lets gather and dance
watch this space for a last month or two! Lots could be done....esp now the broken and then vanished ivy fence is exposing a ragged space with potential:

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