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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Making Space Banner story

now live as a wee video on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sas4etvD8Uo

So, what's its story?
Well, once the name for your wee venture of creating join-in circles where professional makers inspire folks passing by and popping in, and once I heard that Joan felted her felt pictures often upon old jumpers as a backing, - well, then it was decided:

the banner would itself be an inspiration, modest but magical, for using up old jumpers and for making it into something whole again, teaching and demonstratig the basic principles of needle felting and training full spectrum colour use.

Helen thought so, too, and we worked it out:
Different people made different squares, with some folks only making the letters upon a with Shetland wool  prepared square, and with some doing the whole process of preparing. Helen did SPACE all by herself, for instance, whilst MAKING became the result of an ecclectic mix of folks joinng it.
The colours of the letters were to be the colours of the rainbow with each letter blending in some colours of the neighbouring ones.

Next then came the idea of connecting it all by simply fastening with clothpegs to a homemade rope.

So, Anneruth, who was just give some geourgeous fresh Shetland wool, spun & plied for those who joined in to twist and wet-felt it into a rope.

And here we are:

That should give you all some inspiration now to come to the join-in circles soon, to make your very own banner or door sign out of wool!
As regards the very last stage of our banner - maybe you can help us:
how can we best hang it up...?
... lets say in foyer of the Penicuik Centre (Library of Penicuik) with glass around us and smooth tiles below out feet. Nails/hooks? Wooden sticks?
Anybody got any ideas?

Or Ulla and Alicia might have to come with us and hold the banner up :-o)

Something else held a banner up for us later that day:

The wholeness of the colour spectrum is alive around us: good!

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