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Friday, July 30, 2010

Lee Fitton: magnificent felt artist exhibits in Penicuik

she writes about herself:
LEE FITTON Lee is a textile artist living and working in Edinburgh. She originally studied art and
ceramics at Croydon College of Art and Kingston Polytechnic. She is a member of ‘Edge’ Textile Artists in Scotland, and has exhibited widely in Scotland and the North of England. She is currently concentrating her work on children’s book illustration. “‘Since discovering the ancient art of feltmaking, I have been converted to the use of unspun wool as a raw material. I attempt to capture the essence of a subject, emphasising depth and form through the use of colour and texture” The feltmaking process consists of a combination of layering, heating, wetting, rolling and pressing the unspun wool by hand to produce a piece of fabric. At the dry stage, the minute fibres are manipulated to create images using a felting needle. Areas of colour and softly textured fibres are blended to convey an impressionistic and contemporary feel to the work.
 the full exhibit can be viewed as slide show here still

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