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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Join-in Circles @ Ladywood Leisure Centre 24th August

see more pictures here
The join-in fibre craft Circles started today in Ladywood leisure Centre as a wee heartwarming fibrecraft fun gathering.
The athmosphere created by the Penicuik Makers demonstrating their craft, the rich display of fibrecraft goodies in all stages of the process (courtesy of Galgael), the joy and wonder of folks who touched pure raw fibre for the first time in their lives, made for a inspiring start.
It was unanimously felt that the community building potential of this warm and easy creative activity was a superb opportunity to relax together, learn simple yet amzing skills and make easily lovely little gifts with very little material cost. The beauty of the raw fibres, be it the ever so soft home grown raw wool from Marjorie's Jacob sheep, or the smooth shimmering textures of the other fibres.

What Caroline created inspired by Joan

Such as Pats God's eye out of handspun coloured wool.

We all felt: this simple way of creating community needs to made space for!
Lets have more it, not just during a festival ;-)!

It is simply amazing what one can do even if one has thought one had no artistic or creative vein! Joan shared how she found the technique www.online 3 months ago, and we were all dumbfounded at how prolific creative she was with it since. The fine structure of fibre certainly lends itself perfectly of capturing the fibres of nature in landscape picture.

Joan has open house on this Saturday afternoon, come and see more of her creations.

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  1. Aye, there is such a peace and ease that comes with handling natural fibres, seeing their colours, and making some so simple and so beautiful... How can we get more folks to feel and share this? They just do not know that it exists! That is all...


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