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Friday, August 27, 2010

Join-in Circles @ Penicuik Leisure Centre 26th August

Today we gathered at the Penicuik Leisure Centre Library for more fibre fun. Caroline had requested we make packs of little magic wool ready to sell for felt picture making, as people might be less shy to get themselves equipped that way. What a fabulous idea! And she brought her friend Katie as she was so touched by the touch of wool and coloured fibres, and she was able to teach her friend to make needle felted pictures, too....

Helen had her high speed scates on doing her felted vessel making demonstration of a white and blue felt vessel! Marjorie's spinnng fascinated young and old, and a little girl with her mother made a bracelet out of pink handspun wool. And Jenny from Penicuik library, who already needlefelts, learned how to make a soft flat flat piece. Wonder what she will transform it to!

We hope that the join-in demonstration today encouraged folks from in and around Penicuik  to take part in the Penicuik House workshops next Friday and Saturday. Just a lovely athmosphere a space for making can create, and making (being a 'maker') is very contagious!

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Helens finshed felted vessel


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