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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The BANKMILL appeal


about the full picture and give us your feedback: what do YOU think? What appeals to you?

The meeting in the townhall tonight was very well attended, and there will be another meeting soon building upon what the PCDT initiated with your input. You can see that this intensive longterm project can go a long way to build more pride of place here as well put Penicuik back on the cutting edge of our transition times:
it is all part of the greater picture of today and joined-up effort with fun and fibre as well as soundness in building and planning is how community in times of economic crisis can become very inventive in sourcing solutions.

Wnat to see how other communities are doing it at present? Well, have a look here, in Ireland, where the UK and IMF, etc is bailing out yet another bank, and where there vibrant other things happen, too:
"Here you will find a wide range of views and inspiring activities, sobering information and fiesty discussions representing the growing number of initiatives around Ireland."

Why am I posting Ireland links here? Well, I just find their websites a very good blend of fun and soundness, and folks in full action...
Have a look and lets hear what you think.

and,  by the way, the draft lease for the Penicuik Community food project is on the PCDT table!
Hm, now where the snow comes! Well, gives us time to put some extra spice into Bankmill clearing, both physically and financially. So, come along to townhall on Saturday, and sign up for a different Making Space, the space for making Bankmill work for you and your children.

We'll keep you posted as best we can - meanwhile have a look at the embedded and uploaded document below or go to here http://www.makers.org.uk/paper/bankmill


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