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Saturday, November 27, 2010

a fond fare thee weel to Vibusha

With a golden dragon and his chick, a co-creative felt poach depicting a sunny Scotland (golden like the autumn nature's corner she did with the kids),

a co-creative cake and many pictures to remember us by,

a special card from wee Andrea,
and a special Watercolour Felt book, Vibusha is now on her way back home to the sommer beaches of New Zealand.

If truth be spoken she would have loved to stay here, part of this caring sharing community of fibrecraft enthusiasts of all ages. Esp as by some fluke no kids were part of the party this Saturday - probably all gone to the Panto in same building?

We will all miss her sorely, her calm creative presence and caring sharing. The picture to remember the last session with her by are here, at the end of ths album http://picasaweb.google.com/the.weaver.here/NowInNovember#.  And we hope we have learned enough from her ways of being and working with the fabulous fibres inherent in children and in wool, ways that bring out the best in all.

And here are some more of her gifts today for us:

And remember - you can also watch Vibusha in videos on  "Felted Friends"  and "Mother Earth weaves her autumn blanket"

Best wishes, Bushy, for your summer weaving down under. We are looking forward to some warm wind from there as nature wraps her white blanket round us now!

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