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Sunday, March 27, 2011

some more end of March-ing sessions


ready for the dance?

March has marched in and out as quick as spring itself (oops, nay spring itself around us has not walked out yet!), and school fayres and flu battles have kept numbers low the last two Saturday sessions of March in the Town hall but that allowed some folks to perfect their making skills as can be seen above and below.
make yourself pretty for the party!
  The spring quarter a Stepping Forward has been having a party we are told: first the spring felt pieces went up on the wheel as you can see - with the rainbow cloth sewn up now.... and then it went up the wall in the hall (has anyone got a picture of that?) for their centre launch event.

Well, it was fun! And has inspired lots of folks there and also through Jenny in the army base to explore the rewarding art of fibre craft a bit!

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