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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter days with Making Space

the fruits of our labours on Good Friday in the Library
Easter has brought warmth and light and for us two sessions of relaxing Easter feltcraft in the library and the town hall.

On Good Friday there was much commotion in the drum of the Penicuik Library:
Niamh surveying the planting of the trees for Little Red Ridinghood's wood
The story scape making was ably boosted by gardener Angelica making more wooly roots for our tall trees, as well as strengthening what is the stems of the smaller ones with little wooden sticks so they would stay up.

making wooly tree trunks
Meanwhile more families came whose members never had done any felting before, so to try your hand on fabric-ating egg-shapes, chicks and bunnies,as well as toadstools via needlefelting wool proofed the perfect started pack for the new comers.
See more of the fruit of our labours in the first picture collage of this post.

Felt collage in form of 3D playzone found its ideal setting between our tables & prams and the walls and seats in the library-drum as can be seen here:

All folks were coming back the next day to the townhall for our special Easter Saturday session

where wet felting and dry felting was shared. A number of new folks took to it like ducks to water, as usual :-), and the beginners from yesterday were showing quite some skills already:
More Easter egg hunts:
in form of wet felted picture
where are the edible eggs hidden?
one found and one made!

Fore more pictures telling our stories of crafting in the community this weekend, go to pics ca 50-100 on https://picasaweb.google.com/the.weaver.here/NowInApril#
the golden haired princess - doesn't she look like a golden egg ;-)?

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  1. This looks a wonderful way to spend some creative time at Easter! One day, I'll be there too. Congratulations to all artists - young and old, new and experienced!


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