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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Developing Little Red-Cap fairystory-play-scape

Little Red Riding Hood story in felt unfolding

Last Saturday the crafting in the community session was very busy, but no-one had a camera to take photos to post here - but the web master managed to get hold of these two merged into one (see above):
The making of the Little Red-Cap (Red Riding-hood) felt-story-play-scape is now under way as can be seen, and if you are free and fancy tomorrow afternoon - come and join in with the further unfolding tomorrow afternoon in front of the Penicuik Library between 3pmish and 4.30pmish

There will be more impromptu session in the next weeks, so get in touch
(making_space@talktalk.net, or via our facebook page) if you are interested, and we keep you posted, or keep watching out for updates on facebook or blog here.

It is for all age groups, as long as you bring your own entertainment (books, toys) for the very wee ones, who can not join in with the making but only with the playing.

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