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Saturday, August 20, 2011


Due to a combination of holidays and sunny weather, the last Storyscape Session was unfortunately very quiet - the library had been very quiet all day too.

Some children came to make Gingerbread men at my house to compliment the telling of the Gingerbread Man story. These were readily received! Did I tell you that the biscuits were sculpted by hand because my two gingerbread cutters had disappeared? I could almost hear their teasing voices say: "you can't catch me, we're the gingerbread men!"

I just wanted to thank all the people who came on the journey with Annaruth and I; to the group of volunteers and to the staff at Penicuik Library who supported and enabled us to deliver our vision to create a welcoming, nurturing and fun space for children; to the volunteers who gave their time and talents in setting up and putting away; to those who faithfully babysat every week, operated open-houses, adapted and re-told stories, learnt music and who created felted creations to illustrate specific stories. How could it have been achieved without you?

Through Storyscape Sessions we were able to reach a good cross-section of children and adults in society and offer a safe form of escapism, whilst building realtionships and operating a community-nurturing spirit where we were aware of the needs of others.

For me, the best bit had to be the transition - when the children started to become comfortable within themselves, telling stories alongside their peers. When they were gently coaxed, it was delightful to hear their imaginative minds running loose and coming together to create entire story lines.

Look out for our special gathering, as we come together during Penicuik's September festival.  We welcome you and look forward to seeing you then.

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