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Friday, August 12, 2011

Last Saturday, this week past and tomorrow in townhall

Last Saturday the few folks around managed to get some work as well as some catching up time done: shark for the festival sessions by Sarah with the customary precision of scientific proportions,  and 2 dinos by Andrew with just a little help from mum!

a brachio in process and what's the long one called again?
Shark tumbling in background and flying high here
In middle of week, in the at home sessions, there were more sea creatures being born - can you spot them here in this collage?:
under Tina's and Ramona's hands...

Tomorrow in town hall we will have a slighter shortened session, from 11.30m - 1pm, as at 1.30pm 60 odd French Twinning visitors will descend upon the hall.

Trish said she'll hopefully can manage tomorrow as she is keen to try out how to wetfelt Alpaca so that it could become a soft scarf.  So we'll do some experimenting on that and a swatch tomorrow then.
from peacefullheart alpaca website
Looking round online for samples of Alpaca felt scarves, there doesn't seem that much about, especially not in plain natural colour, but the principle of the texture possible seems to come out in the pic above.

Talking about picture, we have started a new Album of our autumn term so to speak, starting with August as we feel the wet again...

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