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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Animals of Africa in townhall

Creative jampacked chaos again on stage in the townhall this Saturday.
It looks like our new rhythm of Crafting in the Community sessions in the townhall every last and very first Saturday of the month finally got into folks' system and the felting frenzy once again took hold.

After 2 and a half years of bringing free (by donation for materials) crafting fun to the community the thrill of transforming wool fibres into something rewarding to keep for decoration or play is always new and fresh again.
 Mary's cool discovery of using pillow or matraze protectors to trace images in books for needle felting working on in detail is a sure way of exploring detail of firm and shape:

The finished piece can be used then at home on wall or window or if small enough as a brooch. One can felt it smooth or rough. And one can explore the stories the images or characters came from:

For more of the picture story of today, please visit our photoalbum of this session, and maybe you can come and join us this coming Saturday for the second session of the Animals of Africa theme that also tallies with the themes of the Penicuik Cinema. (the home ground of the Lion King on the 24th March)

3D miracle worker Sarah had also been able to join us, and this up there is what this Shaper Wixz did today in just under 2 hours!

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