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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Treasures of the Sea kicking off!

Lovingly prepared by Mary, seen above at a townhall session casting her nets, 

Today we had a small select troop of makers gather at West Street to start our 6 weeks exploration of the "Treasures of the Sea" Theme.  On show was all the collected floatsam, our trust sea storyscape creatures and materials - and lots of good books from the library to inspire and guide us.

We were also especially pleased to welcome new PCAA committee member and Making Space Penicuik Volunteer Wendy Dodds into our creative mix.

It has been so rewarding and reaffirming to witness newcomers to the felt craft warming to the soft touch magic of wool fibre and its brilliant and breathing colours.

Special thanks also to Annemarie from the Craft shop who gave us a true treasure box of wool and other sparkly fibre bits so we can create new treasure troves for folks to take home with.

Click here on our Treasures of the Sea sessions photo album to see just a little bit more of what went on today. Hope you can join us next week to hear and create more of Mary's story of the sore mouthed shark and clever Ismy and her friends...

Follow this photoalbum link to catch some tricks of the trade as to how to make precious stones and pearls with wool for your treasures of the sea collection.

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