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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Looking back at last Saturday and forward to this Saturday

Last Saturday (16th Oct) lots of folks came to try their hand at felting, and Vibusha, Fern and Caroline were kept ever so busy (no chance of catching all on pics with Anneruth not being about!), and thanks to the meanwhile quite clued up helping hands of the parents many wonderful little creations joined their little or big makers. Thankfully Roger Hipkin managed to catch a few of them before they flew off the table:

This coming Saturday we will be without Vibusha for once, but, inspired by the central character in the story of the Mother Earth's autumn blanket

Fern has started a family of very special hedgehogs

and they have been on some adventures already.. ;-)

{but that story is for another post..;-}

Come along this Saturday (23rd), and make you very own totally natural hedgehog friend with Fern, or maybe you like the challenge of trying your hand on a bouncy felt ball this time?

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