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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Heritage centre delight

 Penicuik Community Development Trust chairman Roger Kelly at the Bank Mill. The trust is trying to buy it and turn it into a tourist attraction/museum. Dave McCormack hands over the keys to Roger Kelly

Making Space Penicuik is associated with the Penicuik Community Development Trust, and it delighted to learn that today the keys to this ambitious project have been handed over. If the trust is able to secure the tenancy of this property and able to develop this heritage and craft project there Penicuik as a whole will become an asset we all can benefit from. Please read more and support the project in any away you can.


An ambitious project to convert a former mill building into a Penicuik tourist attraction is one step closer to reality.
Penicuik Community Development Trust has signed an agreement with Dave McCormack, the owner of Bank Mill, near Valleyfield, to occupy the building for one year.
The trust now needs to raise in the region of £1 million to purchase Bank Mill and neighbouring fish farm to develop its heritage project.
The initiative aims to create a paper-making heritage centre where niche paper products will be produced. There will be a tourist attraction celebrating Penicuik’s role in the paper-making industry. Power could be generated from a water wheel on the mill lade.
In addition, the Bank Mill centre would be situated on the Esk Valley Way, the cycle /walkway, which runs to Musselburgh.
Tourist accommodation could be provided as well as a centre for bike hire and repair.

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see full context and background here  https://docs.google.com

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