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Saturday, October 9, 2010

spinning and all that

Today we recreated the old ways of gathering round in a circle to prepare raw wool for spinning and to learn (or start to learn rather!) how to spin a thread using a spinning wheel.

It used to be always the task of women and children to share the labourintensive process of separating the raw wool fibres into loose locks of wool, taking out any still entangled plant matters such as seeds and grass, and then card it into rolags ready for the actual spinning process. Re-engaging with these processes today anew gives us a sense of timelessness and peace. We might not feel that of course if were under any production pressure to make our own jumpers before the winter comes, unless we would be established practicioners of that heritage craft .-) !

But the fun supporting one another together with the fine touch of the lovely Jacobs Fleece Marjorie donated and Anneruth had washed for our spinning explorations is simply priceless.

Joan's second time at the wheel was already more fun than the historic first time a month or so ago, also because this time the task of keeping the wheel turning was mastered co-operatively by Vibusha. And everybody in the circle went home with a couple of yards of their very first own homespun yarn.

Caroline meanwhile was busy needlefelting with some old and now friends:
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