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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Joan's felt pictures magic draws in many new hands

Joan's expertise in making and ever more refining the art of dry felt picture making inspires young and old. Best visit our picasa album "February Ventures' pictures # 15 - 28 , to fully appreciate the abundance created.
another Joan, artist and teacher, found a new outlet for her creativity
Avril's pride and joy of today

SarahM brought her play zone abundance again

and we especially admired her beautiful nature celebrating dolls (pictures # 32 - 36)

All in tune with the seasonal books.

At the same time this Saturday, on the other end of the townhall, Ulla had put on a doll exhibition, inviting young and old to show off their favourite dolls.
click here to check our 'Other exhibition' album, pics #1 -16 for more views of the dolls and folks

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