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Friday, February 18, 2011

Preparing the Season's Wheel wall hanging

Tomorrow at our weekly skill-share Crafting in the Community Saturday session in the Townhall you are invited to join hands to help preparing a felt wall hanging for Midlothian Surestart's family support centre in Penicuik, Stepping Forward. The motif of a 'wheel of the season' will be based on the former Glasgow based multicultural community group Common Ground Glasgow and can be seen as painted by Glasgow artist Miriam and designed by the group there in the year 2000:

There the deep blue colour base of the wheel represents the midwinter time, the when the nights are longest. Opposite, on the top of the circle, the bright yellow represents to midsummer time, when the days are longest. Naturally the colour sequence of the rainbow then fits into this circle, for green appearing out of the meeting of dark blue and light yellow in all its myriad shades in spring, and the 'maturing' of the year again naturally emerges in the transitions from yellow over orange to the ripened red of autumn and then over the mellowed colours of red into blue via the purple hues of times of dying down of things in the seasons.

The Stepping Forward felt version of that will be 1m diameter and will be created over the next year as an interactive felt landscape upon the rainbow wheel basis. Next Thursday, at the 'Coming of Spring' Festival with Claire Hewitt everybody will be making little felt pieces they feel fits the season of Spring

what would be the 'spring' quarter in this circle can be seen here in the top left; whilst the other test circles can be seen to demonstrate different thicknesses of layers to create a strong yet subtle set of colour transitions - a very therapeutic activity, that creating wholeness!

On Wednesday there was a wee intro given as can be seen above, including the making of the first wee sheep!

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