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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Starting the Seasons' Wheel Banner

From picture #37 onward on our February Album you can see and read the story of how the making of the "Seasons' Wheel" for the Stepping Forward MSS Centre unfolds: from it material test stages, through it various stages of stepping forward of existence, through it shrinkage crisis and rebirth until many more hands had a go at populating the spring corner...
This picture, by the way, is a sneaky preview from 2-3-11
This Seasons' Wheel banner has to undergo a few more stages, such as the fixing of the blanket to the foam pad (via sewing an elastic round the edge of wrapped round sheet), the creating a 'parking lot' for the many more to come seasonal felt creations (all the beasties and planties), an the proper allocating of these seasonal creations to their proper place in the wheel.
Can you spot above what we might have to change to create a time-connected felt picture year clock?
Such as fitting all spring creations to this precise quarter:
If you see the wisdom here? :-)

Thanks to all the busy hands from the Making Space Penicuik volunteers, this wheel got started rolling with and for Stepping Forward and we are all looking forward to see what and how it evolves over the year. It has much potential if we explore them: colour transitions - life transitions; shape and form of things that grow and run and fly and swim...; craft skills, confidence, natural touch and much more... such as story telling...

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