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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Easter Eggs and more - bearing wool!

That was Ania's idea - to try it out: to cover eggs with wool! Above you see Ruth's 'painted with wool' egg drying out, and here you see Ania's in a warm multicoloured coat:
The great thing about these eggs is that they hollow, in good old continental tradition: blown out eggs, to be hang of spring branches to decorate the Easter Table or hall.
Blowing out action was a great laugh, as noone here had ever done that yet!
It is so easy! And it gives an excuse for pancakes making afterwards!
Here is an example of how it could look when hanging:

We have another two weeks to get crafty with eggs - and we made a good start today, as you can see also here: https://picasaweb.google.com/117445521233701725799/SpringIntoSummer
As well as other explorations of a lovely Saturday session ion the Arts Centre this Saturday (because the townhall was taken over by a wedding today!):
Meeting of 2 newly born Easter Hares!

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