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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Felt Craft At 'Our World In Motion' Science event

ready steady go - the story scape is ready
Much felt craft fun was being had at the 'Our World in Motion' free fun science and art action as part of the National Science and Engineering week with CEH (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology); story scape about butterflies vanishing and what to can do about it - and butterfly and bees, and flowers on sticks. on hair and silk...

Best click here for the pictures to show you a little bit of it all..

All the preparations to make the different butterflies and bee finally paid of and the displays and samples, and the make-and-do busy bee atmosphere was ever so catching!
Shirin's blue butterfly mobile

and another butterfly  hatching! (looks like the frittilary)

and Sue wrote this :

"Our National Science and Engineering Week events in Penicuik last
Saturday were great, and very well attended.
Huge heartfelt thanks to the helpers for setting up on Friday evening,
and for manning the day on Saturday. I was particularly touched that 5
young scientists associated with Edinburgh University gave their time
freely with great enthusiasm and big smiles, and that the Making Space
team provided a much-needed artistic balance to the event. Our speaker
in the evening made a great (and entertaining) job of bringing Hadron
Collider Physics within the grasp of non physicists at his talk.
More this Saturday!
**I could still do with another helper or two, as I'm expecting an even
bigger turnout this Saturday going by the feedback we received. Any

I really hope I'll get some more time to see all the science stall next Saturday! Probably just wishful thinking ;-)  So many butterflies to catch before they vanish, not because of the nitrogen pollution  but because the they found new homes and make space for more busy hands on table!

Hope to see lots of folks next Saturday ! For this Saturday - lots of thanks to all the helpers and new found friends !

Oh, and don't forget to visit this album with all the preps (click here)

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