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Saturday, March 17, 2012

More crafty sharing from the fab NSEW event

So many people young and old explored felt making in the theme of endangered butterflies and bees !
So many ideas and options as to what to make ...

 pictures, hair or jacket decorations ...

and some folks would have loved to try their hands on this kind of thing:
2 of Shirin's silk butterfly scarves + a mobile
The butterflies (Here it is Common Blue and Frittilary) are felted  into the silk, and so are their food plants (Birdsfoot Trefoil, clover; and dogs violet). The detail and delicacy is astounding! Hope someone really nice will buy these master pieces!  Go to http://www.etsy.com/shop/shirincraft and/or  https://www.facebook.com/shirincraft / https://www.facebook.com/shirincraft#!/shirincraft/photos,  and enquire about them if you can not find them there.

You are also welcome to try your own hand at an impression in felt of a butterfly, like this little boy here, looking and learning from the beautiful fact sheets Sue from CEH had made for us:
The 2 Saturdays - prepared by us (6 folks from MSP) and the CEH folks (dozens of them!)  for by about 2 months, were a huge success, and made us want to do similar things more often. 'Similar' meaning
  • working with people of all ages, or specific ages in the context of a themed event (science; story; learning)
  • either offering a wide range of felt craft products making, or focussing on one or a few of them all (hair decoration; brooches, mobile, window or wall hangings, pictures, scarves)
 What was so inspiring this time was being part of a science event, and being able to add even more spice to it with our fluffy worlds!
To see more- you best visit our big album there https://picasaweb.google.com/117445521233701725799/FeltCraftAtOurWorldInMotionPartOfTheNSEWMarch2012#

which also includes footage from our story scape, the story of the farmer who changed from fertiliser with high nitrogen content to a wiser farm management (see extra blog post to come!)

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