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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Help! Our Nation has gone bombastic!

Shock! The yarn terror has not ceased yet!

Thanks God :-)


Nationwide craft bombs keep appearing - much evidence below!
here in this photoalbum from our fellow bombers 2013
click on image to open photo album
Nationwide Craftbombs detected!

Or better still watch VIDEO evidence!

http://www.littlehamptongazette.co.uk/news/top-stories/latest/pictures-yarn-bombing-at-knittlehampton-museum-1-5119402 :

Read about the new way to sanity in the National and Local News:

link to the full article

Chic and comfortable - read the full article
of how one A-level lassie here earned herself world wide fame

Not seen enough news yet? There is this photo album collecting some more of the news and social media footages found. Nationwide Craftbombs publicity
click on image for access to album
Nationwide Craftbombs publicity

Well, this YarnBombing is here to stay. Catching the bug and dying to be part of the fun, are you now, dear readers?

There is lots more out there now to show you what craft bombers have done and are doing, like this bunch of knitters - they admit to knit their creations which bombed an underpass in Brixton with the intent that the public can take them away home to keep and to enjoy!

Enjoy watching the videos - the above by the way is part of a play list by the way, taking you round the world to trace the new craze!

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