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Sunday, May 19, 2013

People commenting on the Penicuik Craftbomb


 We got many many comments verbally and by email or on facebook. We want to thank everybody again who gave us their constructive feed back. It made it all totally worth it. And gave us the courage to believe that next year the communities of Penicuik will come back with a better and bigger craft bomb for the so much needed brightening up of Penicuik's streets and places.

·         Love it, my kids had a great time yesterday looking at all the different things. Well done.

·         Brightened up the place , good idea

·         SWRI: Penicuik is a rainbow of colour this morning! A massive well done to everyone involved in the Craftbomb for Voluntary Arts Week - it looks great!

·         Wish I was visiting Penicuik today this looks fantastic, so colourful.
Just wanted to say, the town looks fantastic! I had no idea this was happening and got a great surprise when I walked down the street just now! Penicuik is unfortunately a pretty depressing and soulless place these days with little going for it's town centre, but all your hard work has made it look cheerful and happy and somehow comforting, even if it's only for a short time! We need more things like this to improve the aesthetics as much as possible...
Well done and thanks v much,

·         Well said, its really pretty and its nice to see some colour and creativity out and about!
·         Totally agree! Well done to all involved
·         If you can make people smile then you've done a grand job. Great work!
·         Do tell!
·         Hi PCAA. Fantastic work! Do you mind if we pop these on our website and in our paper? Thanks ^TS
·       It was lovely to see the crafts displayed around Penicuik and very sad that what was probably a minority, had to spoil it. The idea of linking next year's event with the schools is great as it would publicise the whole event throughout the town and maybe encourage more to become involved. Maybe in some way link to the Hunter and Lass week? Well done to all the crafters!
·       I think it was a really nice idea and you should do it again next year, I'm sure lots more people would like to get involved. Maybe you could link it with the schools? My 5-year old loved walking round looking at all the colourful crafts, especially the ones made by her little friend. She was so sad to see it destroyed and said there were some 'really bad people who did that' 
·       Here's a comment from my friend who moved to France a few years ago: 'That's really sad. If they are going to re-do it, I'd like to make something and send it to them.'

We had many people advising us to take a lead from the good examples of community networks engagement in Merseyside and Glasgow for instance, where local groups and schools came together with amazing results. On the May 2013 entries of our Making Space Penicuik Blogspot here we are now posting a number of well linked up articles in the hope to link you up to inspiration and action for our next Penicuik Craftbomb.

We have more comments for you to read and share on this document (please click to access)

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