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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Big Saturday - bold makers 'young' and 'old' - Penicuik & Bush

Christina will bring the inkle looms down next year, but the maker spirit was big and bold today both in the townhall and later at the Christmas party in the Forest Research Centre, Bush.

In the townhall we needed 3 tables today, and we lost count of the many hands making merry midwinter decorations - and even more impossible to capture the many little christmas deccies and cards that resulted.

Sarah has started now to get really into business with her 3D animals, such as the 3 polar bears and the mouse here (note the exquisite antlers!) all giving away that she not only researches scientifically & accademically the big beasts, prehistoric and contemporary,  but also in terms of making 'real life' felt toys. She has now several orders for dinos and bears! Luckily she also brought her animated dinos for the delight of the very little ones, to give them (or their mothers!) a break in watching over those quick very little hands all too eager to do needle felting!!

For more of the story of today's Making Space in the townhall you best visit our December photo album ( from pic 18 to pic 56!), and also for seeing some of the action in Bush later in the afternoon (pic 57 -72). Watch out for and read the captions!

The Xmas party input at Bush seems to have been a success too
with even more hands round the huge table doing everything from sticking felt stars and glitter on cards, doing cookie cutter shapes and free 3D shapes, to actually making their own felt, via wetfelting a design of their choice on prefelt.

In talking with a wide range of people today it became clear again how big the scope is for combining science learning with felt craft: shapes and forms can quickly be created, flat or 3D, plants or beasts, and athmospheres of nature, throught the unique vibrancy and texture of wool fibre (and silk we used today, too, a different feel again!)

A new tree for the Forest Commission!

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