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Friday, December 31, 2010

Round the fire

Our wee gathering round the fire in the Arts Centre is now already 12 days ago! Apologies for the long delay - but it is that time of the year, where time stand still and one can try as hard as one will... it is time out of time..

So, 12 days ago: Playing the homemade puzzle "Snow-white" kept the little ones endlessly enthralled, as did the cookie cutter felt heart and things and the award giving to wee Andrea, as the one who has been longest around with Making Space Penicuik (sorry, hands were too busy to make pics of all that this time!). Sarah's newest creation, the red squirrel was another star of the show:

If you like to see a couple of more pics, go to the end of out December Twinkling album

It was nice being in West Street with our last event of the year, with the cosy fire upstairs and the good food downstairs that venue gave comfort to all ages present, todds, kids, teens, and the grown-ups - under our rainbow felt banner amongst the evergreen...

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