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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Furry Gingerbread man and warm snowmen: boys in action!

This Saturday red cheek boys were getting crafty with dry and with wet felting!
The cookie cutter star and gingerbread man were an invention we should get the young artist patented for !
and the snowmen and greeting cards are just the beginning of what is waiting to come.
The wetfelted pieces here
have been hard work and beginners' pride, and will be cut into stars and fish and other secrets to be drawn here.
The green reindeer from gran Marion sadly never made it onto the camera, as there was so much action spread out over the hall (wet felt rolling on stage, for instance), the camera hands could not keep up. Nor could the hands of the volunteers keep up with stringng the cut felt stars into garlands yet
or maybe it was because the hands of Sarah just can not help it producing 3D creatures like the mouswe hiding here :-)
In the background can be seen felt christmas cards and a cosy den for the toddlers to play under with the felt toys.

We did go to the town centre afterwards in the hope for meeting old friends and singing - but as the council had cancelled the singing there was the meeting of friends that kept us warm.

Phew, lots of home work to do before next Saturday and the outreach then to the Bush Nursery after the townhall!

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