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Friday, December 10, 2010

Inkleloom weaving possible this Saturday - as well as felting

Would you like to learn how to make belts like this?
You might be getting a chance to have a go tomorrow with Christina Suttar, a local hand weaver - here seen in her studio weaving at her big 10 shaft loom.
What's an 'inkle-loom', you are asking? Well, just wait and see, come and see tomorrow - if the busses go to bring Christina over from Rosslin.

We will also do some felting, too, again, as this seems to be such a favoured actvity for all ages, but Ruth, Sarah and Vithen have to leave at the back of one tomorrow to get to Bush where they will facilitate felting for a Christmas party in the Forest Research Nursery.
We are planning to make some of these, amongst other things:
midwinter garland made from felt shapes using cookie cutters
(Picture courtesy of our woolcraft friends at Galgael)

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