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Sunday, January 16, 2011

3D basics unleashed the march of the penguins

True to the nature of arctic Penicuik (or Penguinqwik, as one friend from Mallorca calls it!), our first Saturday session of the NewYear this winter birthed a merry parade of felt penguins!

Gwen getting instruction from wool pet book

It started all with Sarah having found by sheer chance the book Wool Pets by Laurie Sharp in Waterstones this week which shows in precise and perfect manner what we wanted our first session this year to focus on: to impart and practise the basic 3D techniques for felting figures, namely how to needle felt rounds and oblongs, and how to attach them to each other and how to add further flat needle felted bits; such as wings and feet and beak, as a first advancement.

Ladybirds are a good starter project too, for the oblong shape.

It was great especially for some adults to finally catch up with their kids who had mastered those 3D basic long ago and who, being actually already quite advanced makers, got soon bored because they were for so long waiting to have a go at making one of those endearing dinosaurs...!

Sorry, no pic of Sarah's newest creation here. We will make a special post for just them, with their proper names and age and all that! And who knows, next week one or two kids will have brow beaten us into getting Sarah to show them how to make on of these big fellas! Not something maybe that can be finished in 1 or 2 hours?

one of the tables in penguin action

Having been a busy session, there are not that many photos this time again (see a few more of them here), also not of the table for the wee ones to play with play dough. Thank you, Sarah M. for making it and bringing it along.

Next week we will start to use the stage end of the townhall with a wee corner as the regular play area for the  very young ones, and hope to be able to allocate one adult to encourage safe play for the wee ones.

Sarah brought some of her soft wool play things along to show what she uses at home for her cosy safe play zone for the wee ones:

little people from sewn felt with woolball head
woollen bowls with wollen balls: all ever so soft

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