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Friday, January 28, 2011

Dinosaurs and much more on show in library now

It is now about 5 months ago that Making Space Penicuik had its first exhibition in the Penicuik Library titled 'From Fibre to Fabric'. It was an educational display showing raw and processed natural fibres, and different possibilities of fabrics hand-crafted from them, be it wearables like knitted jumpers, or decorations and toys.

Since September 2010 we, a varying bunch of local craft enthusiasts of all ages and stages, have been coming along on Saturdays between 11.30 and 13.30 in the town hall to skill share, have fun and make new friends, and form a small and steadfast core of people commited to skill share crafting on a donation basis in the community at a time when we all need some recession busting sparks.

2 of our core and your crafting companions: Vicen and Andrea
For the next 3 or so weeks we are now having a new display in the Penicuik library cabinet, showing, amongst other things, some of our most popular - and actually spectacular - beasties: Sarah S's dinosaurs.
here is one of them - and you can see some of the making stages, too
We just started the exhibition today, and it is work in progress, -> so watch this space here via http://picasaweb.google.com/the.weaver.here/MakingSpacePenicuikDisplayAtTheLibraryJanFeb2011#
and in the library as you pass by....

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  1. Love especially the part of the cabinet with all the woolly animals and little figures!


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