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Sunday, January 23, 2011

On stage now!

Today we were spreading ourselves out on stage in the townhall. Kind of strange being up here, looking down on everyone
Sarah M and Marian in crafting conversations inspired  by great felt-art books
Main reason was to create safe play space for the wee ones:

So, Sarah M. created that lovely play area with soft toys, books and all that - but, sadly no wee kids came today! Sigh - it is all a bit of gamble and dance with preparing our sessions, never knowing who can and will come !
But her play-dough table was in demand, though:

It was also nice on the other hand to have fewer folks for once, so Andrea at long last got her chance to have Sarah S all to herself and get started on that longed for dinosaur:
sceleton stage one of dino-friend: the thick pipecleaners intertwined and then comes the wool...
Marianna watches fascinated...
time's up - but the new friend needs still quite a bit more work!
How exciting! Well done, Andrea, and especially hat off to Sarah S!

Meanwhile a couple of adults trying their first hand on some needle felting basics, 3D felt (a penguin) and flat felt (a flower):

It is always such a joy to witness people overcome their shyness and discover for themselves the simplicity and magic of fibre craft, esp felting. It is so quick to achieve results!
At the same time - nothing is at it seems here either, and it does pay off to be patient when building up a body from a ball or an oblong structure of varying degrees of compacted fibres - as Marian (not pictures here) found out when her bunny went pearshaped of the dissolving kind! So we are looking forward to see what she brings back when she comes back next ...:-) Maybe even her grand children?

It is exciting to see what people bring back to our crafting in the community sessions, having found new skills and unendng fibre fun. Such as Vicen's felt purse and glasses case pictured below - made out of prefelt, decorated with needle felting, and now waiting to be wetfelted. In the background the instructions for her next big project, taken from a book from our present favourite wool pet author Laurie Sharp!

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